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Raw Bird Nest is original raw bird nest without processing. After havesting from swallow bird farm, Raw Bird Nest will be cleaned impurities, dust, less impacting from processing of finished products, so the nutrient contents of raw bird nest are kept completely, 100% genuine.

Origin: Vietnam

Ingredients: 100% natural bird’s nest.

Cách dùng: Soak bird’s nest into warm water 30oC, from 1 to 2 hour depending on the thin thickness of the bird's nest until the bird's nest hatch. Use tweezers to pick up feathers and impurities. Put sieve in a bowl of water using a spoon lightly, picking up and down to fluff out, changing water several times to have a clean oat. Pour drained bird’s nest into the bowl and cook in a bain-marie for about 10 minutes (Note: water in the pot does not surge into the bowl). Then add water or coconut water with dissolved - rocks sugar into the bowl, distill for 35 minutes. When bird’s nest hatches, brittle or soft, smells good can serve. See more in manual, website and QR code.

Storage: Store in clean and cool place, keep away from direct sunlight

MFG & EXP: On packaging.

Warning: Do not consume this product after expiration date.

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Delivery in 24h

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